Unmoored announcement

Unmoored will be the first independent game by Asi Epshtain, aimed at a Q3 2018 release date.

Unmoored and unanchored. A lone, aging fisherman lost at sea,  facing a storm both within and without the player must navigate the water, stay afloat in a stormy sea and catch his haul of fish. As both the fisherman's ship and his mind come apart around him. What old memories will the fisherman fish out of the sea? What promise given long ago must be fulfilled?

Inspired by both 'The old man and the sea' and themes of dementia, this is my first attempt to make a longer story driven independent game. As well as getting into unity's shader systems for the water and rain. The first inspiration was the mental image of a black and white screen, with the waves crest and rain drops and splashes a bright white outlining the black models. So far, I've been doing a lot of research on marlin fishing, learning about water simulation systems and obviously writing the story.  

Watch this space for more as development continues. 

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